How to disable FileZilla update nag screen?

I use FileZilla a lot and I start it like ten times a day or even more. Every time it starts I get that screen that asks me to update FileZilla to latest version, but since I’m using portable version of it it’s almost impossible to do so since portable versions are often delayed etc. The same nag screen is there with the non-portable version of FileZilla and sometimes you simply don’t want to upgrade.

Disabling updates in settings simply doesn’t work and will remind you that there is an update even if this is disabled every time you start it.


To solve the problem first make sure that FileZilla is closed. Then locate it’s config file at:
..\appdata\roaming\filezilla\filezilla.xml or for portable version located at: ..\data\settings\filezilla.xml.

Open that file for editing (use some advanced editor like Notepad++ or Sublime) locate the line with value starting with: <Setting name=”Update Check New Version”>
and delete that entire line.


Save the changes. And that’s it. Now you can use your FileZilla (or FileZilla Portable) without that update nag screen and you can choose whether you want to update it and when.

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  1. tyvm this was useful.

  2. Great! that’s very usefull. thanks!

  3. Worked for me, thanks!

  4. Thank you!!!

  5. Thanks, FileZilla can really be stubborn sometimes.

    I don’t want to update something than works and has no obvious security issue

  6. Downgrade to an old version like 2.2.32. You’ll be amazed how fast and nice it is compared to more recent versions which nag you to upgrade, impose SSL and pop up the annoying downloads finished balloon. Also the latest version doesn’t do anything when I try to connect. It seems to have corrupted something. Whereas 2.2.32 works flawlessly. I’ll never upgrade again. A classic case of good software gone bad.

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