ChatGPT can’t do basic math!

This is a bold statement – I know. But please bear with me.

I had a simple task to calculate a sum of some numbers. Usually, for something like this I would open Excell or Google Sheets, copy/past numbers in select them and click on SUM (Ʃ) button and I would get a result in a second. And this result was always correct. I never had any doubts and never had to double check it in any way.

Then, one day I had to do the same thing number of times. So I just used ChatGPT for this simple task. I would tell it to calculate the sum of the numbers and just copy/paste the nubers below and it would return me the result. I’ve done it number of times and I would take the result and use it as is. I never suspected that ChatGPT can’t just do this simple math calculation.

It was all fine (or at least I was under that impression) and I was happy to use ChatGPT to help me with this simple tasks. It felt so easy: just tossing a bunch of numbers to AI and telling him to return a sum. Until at one point I have noticed that ChatGPT sum result and the sum of these same numbers calculated by SQL SUM() function didn’t match! What in the World is going on!

This can’t be true!
How is this even possible??!?
I was in panic!
I have relied on these calculations and have used the results in projects not knowing these are not accurate!

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How to Manage Storage on Smartphone: 12 Ways

Can’t download new apps to your phone because there isn’t enough storage space? Lack of storage prevented you from updating the OS? If you answer yes to any or both of these questions, you need to manage data on your phone – immediately. 

New users might not know how to manage storage on smartphones. The ways to free up storage space on various operating systems are the same; the steps to implement each method differ, though. This article brings together the possible ways to manage storage on phones.

Check Available Space

Regardless of the phone you use, iPhone or Android, the first step is to check how much storage is available on the physical drive. This will help you conclude how much data and space you need to free up to make more space for other apps. 

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Spotlight Search won’t open the files it finds in Dropbox with associated application

This issue started to appear on macOS 13 Ventura after recent Dropbox update. I would normally use a Spotlight search to search the files I have in my Dropbox folder that I commonly use (excel, word and plain text documents). Spotlight would find the files but once I select the file and click on it (or press return) it wouldn’t open the file with app associated with the file.

This was driving me mad as it also affected my productivity as now I would open Dropbox folder and then manually find the file I need and then double click to open it. It was driving me nuts for couple of days!

I tried just about anything: from reinstalling Dropbox to syncing all files I have in Dropbox again, to reindexing all files I have on my mac and nothing worked out. The Spotlight would just not just wouldn’t open any of my Dropbox files!

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Windows 10 Search fix

Since this morning (Feb 5th 2020) search just stopped working on my Windows 10 (version 1903). No matter what I would type in the search the results will not show. I couldn’t even start the calculator typing calc in the search!

Windows 10 search not working

After spending more than two hours trying just about any fix I have found online and numerous reboots nothing seemed to work. I even created a new account on my computer and on that account the search was working fine and was already looking for an easy way how to move all my data from one account to another when I found this fix that actually works!

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The mysql_result in mysqli

Many of you have run into a problem when you were working on some old legacy php script that you wanted to adapt to PHP 7 where mysql_ functions no longer work (since they are deprecated).

The new PHP 7 comes with two database drivers: MySQLi and PDO. The PDO supports many different databases while MySQLi supports only MySQL.

So you probably thought, I’m just going to replace all mysql_ functions with mysqli_ and it’s done. Well, I’ve got bad news for you. It won’t! Also this way is also not safe. So take your time and learn about the changes and how you can overcome them.

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