How to install Midnight Commander?

Whats Midnight Commander?
Midnight Commander is Shell application (visual file manager) for SSH like Norton Commander, that older geeks may remember from the time of DOS, or like Total Commander, the most advanced Shell application today.

Why do I need Midnight Commander?
Midnight Commander will help you move more easily trough server files/folders, edit config files, copy/move/delete files/folders/whole directory trees, pack and unpack archives, search for files, run commands in subshell… You can also use MC to connect to other server’s FTP and copy files from/to other servers. (can be useful when migrating from one server to another)

How to install Midnight Commander?
If you have yum installed on server all you need to do is execute one command and it will install Midnight Commander and all it’s dependencies

yum install mc

If you don’t have yum on server – you’ll have to download it and compile it by hand.

tar -zxvf mc-4.6.1.tar.gz.tar
cd mc-4.6./1
make install

How to start Midnight Commander?
Simply enter mc and press enter in SSH

mc (and press Enter)

and you should see it running and looking like on the picture below.

Midnight Commander

You can find out more about Midnight Commander at

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  1. You´ve got something wrong – this actually works:
    tar -zxvf mc-4.6.1.tar.gz
    cd mc-4.6.1/
    apt-get install mc (this line works on a debian system)

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