WordPress “Hack by DR-MTMRD” solution

A friend of mine contacted me today saying that his WordPress got hacked and it shows just this message “Hack by DR-MTMRD” on a white page. After investigating I found out that the hacker just added a blank widget with some nasty code. Solution was just to remove (delete) a widget. As simple as that. Hope that it will help someone who has this problem. Here’s the widget picture:

Hack-by- DR-MTMRD-solution

Tags: dr-mtmrd, hacked by dr-mtmrd, wordpress 3 5 hack
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  1. Hi,
    Many thanks for publishing this. This just happened to one of my sites. I’d been through WordPress, theme and plugins looking for something obvious but hadn’t considered the widgets.

  2. Hi, my website was also hacked the same way and I can’t fix it. How do I find this widget you are talking about and delete it? I searched through the widget panel in wordpress and can’t find it. Thanks in advance for any help!

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