About me

I’m 28 year old geeky web developer and Linux system administrator. I’m good with most of the coding stuff including but not limited to HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Smarty, CodeIgniter, ZF… in general I can find my way in almost any code… but I suck at design. And I suck badly 🙂

I run couple of my websites and I help my army of clients with developing and managing many of their sites and servers. My clients come from all around the world – from all continents except Antartica. They are from one-man-army webmasters to big companies.

This blog was made with intention to keep all solutions to all problems that I ran into on one place. Numerous times I have solved one problem and then year later when I run into same problem agian I just I couldn’t remember how to solve it again. So to prevent that and to share my knowledge and findings with the world I have started this blog.

All your comments are welcome.

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