How to Remove Facebook Albums from Gallery App on Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4

I have Samsung Galaxy S4 and my girlfriend owns the Samsung Galaxy S3. Recently, after a Facebook app upgrade, all her Facebook albums started to appear at her Gallery. Now she really has lots of pictures and that her Gallery looks like a mess! Not to mention that all those pictures take space/memory on her phone and that she don’t need several years old pictures from her Facebook account on her phone too.

Since I already had experience on how to remove Picasa Albums from Samsung Galaxy phones (an blog post article I wrote last year) I started trying out different things on how to get rid of those Albums from her Gallery app without having to delete them one by one. I needed a geek solution to this problem and after trying out different things I finally had it. (This solution doesn’t require you to uninstall and install Facebook app.)

So if you want to REMOVE those pictures you should skip “Masking the problem” section.

Masking the problem:
1. Open Gallery app.
2. Tap the Menu key then select Content to Display in the menu.
3. Disable/deselect Content in Facebook
This method will just hide the pictures so you don’t see them when you go to Gallery app but they will still stay on your phone and take up memory on your phone.

Removing Facebook albums and pictures from your phone:
1. Open Gallery app.
2. Tap the Menu key then select Settings in the menu.
3. Tap on your Facebook account and in the bottom click on Remove Account.
4. Go to Settings Tap Application manager.
5. Swipe to left until you reach the All screen.
6. Find Facebook and tap on it and press Clear Data
7. Find Gallery, tap on it and press Clear Data
8. Go to your Facebook app and log in again (since steps 3 and 6 logs you out).
This method should properly remove all your Facebook Albums from your Gallery app and your phone storage!

I sure hope this helped you out.
Don’t hesitate to leave any comments!

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  1. Thank you. It works!

  2. My tab updated and now all my apps and pics are gone where did they go and how do I get them back. On my tab I now have all my apps from my phone, really!!!!!

    • When I clear the data from my gallery is it going to delete all my current photos along with the Facebook ones? If so, is there a way around that?

  3. Hi, thanks for posting this!

    Now I have a question, my son has the galaxy tab3 kids, and to be able to install any new apps we entered my wife’s email account. Now the tablet is full with automatically saved pictures from her Facebook and other things. I mean it has 1000 pictures I want to remove but can’t!
    You happen to know how that works on a tab3 kids? I have done it on my Note 3 but can’t remember how

    • It should work with all Android phones. You cold also create a new gmail account for your kid (he’ll need it later) and then logout your wife’s account from the Tab and singing the new kids account. This way their apps won’t mix.

  4. It worked !!! Thanks so much

  5. Somehow my Facebook photos just recently synced with my phone. This process did the trick to remove them, and now my gallery is back to running fast again! Thank you so much.

  6. Thank you. Although this issue was small it was annoying me all the same. Your solution worked great and was so simple I have to wonder how I didn’t find this myself. Thanks again.

  7. I hope this is the right place to ask! I have a Samsung Galaxy duos, model number GT-S7582. The problem I have is that I can’t seem to sync my Facebook albums in the gallery (it works for Picasa, but not for Facebook). So I have the opposite problem! As far as I know the settings are right for syncing, only problem I can find is that in the gallery, if I choose ‘content to display’, it’s not possible to select ‘Content in Facebook’. The option is there, but I can not select it. Please help! It’s really bugging me. I hope you have a solution for me!

  8. This sounds like my problem but in reverse. I master reset my phone due to some issues I was having and upon restarting and setting it up the option to display facebook content while still there no longer allows me to check it. Can someone please help me with this. I need my facebook pics in my gallery. Thanks in advance…

  9. Great! It worked for me. Removed Facebook photos without deleting those taken by the phone camaera.
    Thank you

  10. My “clear data” is grayed out???? Now what? HELP!

  11. Thankyou!! Removed the facebook app as suggested, I have a Samsung galaxy note 10. 1 and the syncing of albums from facebook slowed down opening of my gallery, following yr tips it now works fine. Now the gallery loads super fast again! Happy mummy x

  12. Thank you so much. This worked perfectly. Something happened on my phone a few months ago, no idea what though. One day everything was fine in the Gallery, even though the Facebook photos were there which I didn’t really want. The next day in Gallery most of the Facebook thumbnail photos were greyed out. If I went into the FB albums on the phone, same thing. However, when I clicked on some of the greyed out boxes the actual photo was there and some I got an error message that said it couldn’t open the pic. Since that day the Facebook photos show up randomly. I just couldn’t figure out what the problem was. It only affected the Facebook synced pics. I tried other solutions I found on the web for both Samsung Galaxy S3 and Facebook but nothing worked and I couldn’t delete them the usual way. It wasn’t a huge problem but it was somewhat annoying. Thanks again. Nice way to start the new year. Happy New Year!

  13. I really like you, thank you they are now gone. took up nearly 7 gig of my phone now clear again ..

  14. Thank you. Perfectly explained step to step. All done. What a great way to explain…..!!!! Thanx once again.

  15. What’s the “menu key”? Because if it’s what I think it is then there’s no option that says “settings”?..
    grateful for answer

  16. thanks! done!
    great! thanks!

  17. Thank you so much for this. I recently bought a Samsung galaxy tab pro tablet & since setting it up my gallery in my Note 2 phone just went haywire. Same problems as Susan J was having & it was driving me insane. Tried all sorts of things but nothing worked until now. This has removed all the unwanted “greyed out” FB albums & has also removed the unwanted picasa albums too. So well explained as well. Again thank you so much

  18. i’am worried and struggle cant relax because i cannot erase all the photos in my gallery but then i try to search how to removed facebook albums on my gallery. It helps me a lot and now they’re all gone THANK U VERY much.

  19. Hi, i am able to get to the settings in gallery, but he only accounts available to click on are Gmail and Hotmail. Even though my Facebook account is added and all my pictures show in gallery, i cannot get to the Facebook account in gallery to remove it. If i click on the icon to add accounts in gallery, Facebook is there though with a green dot, which means it is added to gallery, but i can not click on it or remove it or anything else! What to do? I have a Samsung s4 GT-I9505.

  20. Hi on my S4 active when I open the gallery there is no menu :’-( my phone is so full of facebook crap it’s stopped getting emails. I am desperate lol please help 😉 x

  21. I have been trying for days to remove the FB albums from my phone! The files were corrupted and the photos couldn’t be loaded but they were write protected. I cleared all my pics and formatted the memory card, I tried everything I could find online, nothing worked. Clearing the data in the app manager finally removed them!!!! You have saved my sanity!

  22. I’m having the same problem as Annet…

  23. Thank you, worked very well.

  24. Amilya Di Iorio Decker
    August 30, 2015 - 8:55 pm

    Hey, I tried this trick and my facebook pictures just wont leave…. I dont know what to do anymore….


  26. WORKED!!!!! TY TY ty

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