How to speed up your Samsung Galaxy S3 in a minute

If you own Samsung Galaxy S3 and you would like to speed up of your phone here are a few simple tricks that will make your S3 faster.

Tweak Animation Speed

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Galaxy S3.
  2. Browse to Developer Options and change the values of both Window Animation Scale and Transition Animation Scale to 0.5x or even better to 0.

That’s it! Your Galaxy S3 animations should now run remarkably faster and punchier than ever before. (This will also work on Samsung Galaxy S2).

Turn off S-Voice Feature
S-Voice is a feature that automatically receives phone calls, sets an alarm, and dials calls for you using your voice commands. Though this feature is enabled by default, it can be turned off to reduce memory and processor usage on your handset. Here are the steps to disable the feature:

  1. Open S-voice app.
  2. Go to S-voice settings.
  3. Click Turn Off S-voice “Open via the home key

Slow Gallery
Browsing pictures and opening Gallery can take some time (on phone with lots of pictures and clips even 5-10 seconds since it has to go trough all of them). To speed that up you can install application called QuickPic and if you can adapt to use this application instead of built in gallery you’ll find it much more faster and easier to use. (This app could be also installed on Samsung Galaxy S2).

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  1. I don’t see Settings >> Developer Options after 4.3 installed,

    you can enable it so it’s shown in the Settings section this way:

    Settings > About Phone > tap “Build number” 7 times

    Now it will appear in the Settings Section. I turned off ALL animations.

  2. Very big thx for show me how to turn off animations. This animations very doubt me …

  3. Go to Settings → More → About Device
    Scroll down to Build Number
    Tap it repeatedly (It’ll show a message telling you how many more times you need to tap it to enable developer mode).
    See the Developer options menu under Settings → More

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