How to Remove Facebook Albums from Gallery App on Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4

I have Samsung Galaxy S4 and my girlfriend owns the Samsung Galaxy S3. Recently, after a Facebook app upgrade, all her Facebook albums started to appear at her Gallery. Now she really has lots of pictures and that her Gallery looks like a mess! Not to mention that all those pictures take space/memory on her phone and that she don’t need several years old pictures from her Facebook account on her phone too.

Since I already had experience on how to remove Picasa Albums from Samsung Galaxy phones (an blog post article I wrote last year) I started trying out different things on how to get rid of those Albums from her Gallery app without having to delete them one by one. I needed a geek solution to this problem and after trying out different things I finally had it. (This solution doesn’t require you to uninstall and install Facebook app.)

So if you want to REMOVE those pictures you should skip “Masking the problem” section.

Masking the problem:
1. Open Gallery app.
2. Tap the Menu key then select Content to Display in the menu.
3. Disable/deselect Content in Facebook
This method will just hide the pictures so you don’t see them when you go to Gallery app but they will still stay on your phone and take up memory on your phone.

Removing Facebook albums and pictures from your phone:
1. Open Gallery app.
2. Tap the Menu key then select Settings in the menu.
3. Tap on your Facebook account and in the bottom click on Remove Account.
4. Go to Settings Tap Application manager.
5. Swipe to left until you reach the All screen.
6. Find Facebook and tap on it and press Clear Data
7. Find Gallery, tap on it and press Clear Data
8. Go to your Facebook app and log in again (since steps 3 and 6 logs you out).
This method should properly remove all your Facebook Albums from your Gallery app and your phone storage!

I sure hope this helped you out.
Don’t hesitate to leave any comments!

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