How to restore missing apps after updating Samsung Galaxy S4 to Android 4.4.2 KitKat?

Today I have updated Android on my Samsung Galaxy S4 to version 4.4.2 Kit-Kat and after the device booted I noticed that about half of my installed applications are missing! And I freaked out!

Instantly I started looking for the solution to this problem and it’s really easy and stupid. All you need to do is simply to reboot the device. To do that simply hold the Power button and when the menu appears select the Reboot. When the phone boots all missing apps will be back.

In my case all the apps are now not in the positions I placed them so I had to re-organize them again but at least that’s not a problem and is less time consuming then finding them and installing them again.

One thing I also noticed is that I’ve got Google Drive application installed on my phone. Just another app in my bloatware folder I guess…

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